South Africa’s first digital healthcare service. Save on medical and travelling costs and get quick, professional electronic consultations at your fingertips.

Available for download on:

Unlimited Consultations

Telehealth Consultations with a Nurse, Doctor or Mental Health Professional

Sick Notes
Provided when medically necessary.

Medication limited to R150 per member per month or R600 per year. Subject to the approved formulary*

Mobile App
Available for download on the Google Play Store

Additional Benefits Include:

In-person Medical Consultations
Strategically located centres, nationwide.

Youth Health Education

Child Nutrition

Healthcare Screening

HIV Rapid Tests and Pregnancy tests**

Immediate Medical Treatment

Dietary Advice

Chronic Illness Monitoring

Basic Eye Screening

GP and Hospital Referral

Telehealth General Practitioner Services

Assess and manage variety of conditions

Chronic Disease Management


Referrals and/or Motivation for procedures

Prescribed Medicines.***

Notice: *1 Month waiting period applicable | **Subject to additional cost. | ***Chronic medication is not covered on this plan.

Adults monthly premium starting from

R183 / pm

Children monthly premium starting from

R152 / pm

Telehealth Operating Hours

One of our professional and friendly medical staff are standing by to provide you with the best service!

The Telehealth service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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