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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Payment will be made by way of EFT into your nominated bank account. Please ensure that your time sheets and travel claims are submitted by the 5th of every month to be processed for payroll. The funds will be in your account by the last day of the month. Any documents submitted after the 5th of the month will only be processed and paid at the end of the following month. All claim documents to be sent to

    Yes, remuneration is taxed in accordance with the applicable percentage of tax according to current PAYE tables. We will also provide you with an IRP5 in order for you to file your personal income tax returns.

    Yes, transport costs will be reimbursed at R2,50 for every kilometre travelled. Along with a completed travel claim form, you will need to submit photographic evidence of your odometer, taken before and after your trip, with date and time stamps.

    All nurses registered and up to date with SANC to assist with home-based nursing including care workers, who will need to provide proof of qualification.

    Our standard operating procedure will be to send you to patients who reside within a 20km radius of your residence, or to the areas you’ve specified you are comfortable with.

    We will instruct you regarding the type of services required when we book you for the house call. We will provide you with Patient Record templates which you will be required to complete and submit to us within 24 hours of the home visit, along with your travel claim, odometer photographs, etc. The Patient Record Template will list the services provided, as well as the start and end times of the service, signed o by the patient.

    You may collect PPE and other relevant consumables from Medical Society Clinics if you are within a reasonable distance from a clinic, otherwise when we book you to visit a patient, we will direct you to the nearest Mediscor aliated pharmacy to collect the required PPE and consumables.

    You will receive an instruction of the services that you will be required to deliver and will include the expected time for service delivery.

    You will need to submit documentation listing the services provided including the time the service started and ended. This
    documentation should be signed by the patient.

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