Healthy habits to start today!

Healthy habits to start today!

Maintaining healthy habits is key to maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

Having healthy habits doesn’t need to be expensive or involve complex regimens and routines. A habit is an activity that becomes second nature if you practice it often enough. 

When you make simple, healthy activities the norm, like washing your face, drinking water daily, and doing loads of other simple yet effective activities, you invest in your current and future health and make it second nature to practice self-care!

In this article, we focus on a few straightforward, inexpensive and easy to do health habits you can practice every day.

Drink water

According to the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, water is fundamental to your health for many reasons. It is hydrating, helps with digestion and elimination, and keeps your skin and joints limber while circulating nutrients, proteins, hormones and chemical signals in your body.

Kickstart your day by drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of lemon mixed in. It encourages detoxification and alkalizes the body. Some people struggle to drink water throughout the day. 

If you usually forget to drink water during the day, fill up a few bottles and set reminders on your phone to consume them. There are other ways to make drinking water fun – with different tea recipes, fresh-pressed juice, kombucha and more.

Move your body

When you sweat, your body detoxes. Gentle exercise improves circulation, brings oxygen to your tissues and lifts your mood. 

Consciously move your body each day by walking, cycling, dancing and yoga! Engage in moderate exercises for 30 minutes, five days a week. It will do wonders for your fitness and keep the joints moving and the heart pumping! 

Plan your meals

Meal planning, also known as meal-prepping every week, allows you to put thought into what you will have for breakfast, lunch and supper. You are less likely to purchase unhealthy foods if you are sticking to a predesigned plan! When you are planning your meals, try to focus on nutrient-dense foods, These keep you fuller for longer and help curb unnecessary snacking. 

Once your ingredients are prepped, you can cook a one-pot meal that lasts for a week. Try to cook two batch meals per week and alternate which meals you consume to keep a variety. This way, you won’t get bored of just eating one type of meal.  When you are hungry, all you need to do is defrost and reheat your preportioned meal of the day. 

Meal planning is also a way to save money. Instead of eating an expensive meal during your lunch break at work, you can eat your homemade meal. It is a two-for-one win. Your body and your wallet will both be happy.

Pack in the fruits and veggies

Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables comes with essential health benefits. This includes weight management, reduced risk of chronic health conditions and overall well-being and fitness. If you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, you’re probably filling up calorie-dense foods, foods that are heavily processed. Processed foods can cause constipation, heart disease, clogged arteries, high blood pressure and loads of other common lifestyle diseases.

Put your phone away.

As a challenge, put your phone away for a few hours. Being connected 24/7 can have adverse side effects on your health. 

Spend the time outside, moving, exercising or have face-to-face conversations. 

The constant digital connection can increase cortisol, which directly causes stress. Continuous exposure to your phone’s blue light will suppress the production of your body’s natural melatonin production. This is integral for your body’s natural circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. 

Instead of browsing the internet until the early hours of the morning, turn your phone off an hour before bed. This crucial time allows for relaxation and unwinding without any digital stress.

End your day with a clean kitchen

The physical space that you live in has a significant effect on how you behave. A messy bedroom, cluttered living room, and dirty kitchen can negatively impact your mental and physical health. 

Tidying up makes cooking more manageable, and you can think of it as an exercise too! It decreases frustration, improves efficiency and acts as a catalyst for change. After every meal, do the dishes and try to pack everything away. A clean kitchen makes waking up feel like a fresh start. 

Take your time

A healthy lifestyle does not mean that change happens all at once. Small healthy habits can be your first focus. If you enjoy maintaining your small healthy habits, you will be able to create long term goals. 

Healthy daily habits develop over time. It takes dedication and determination, but it is possible. 

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