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Get a Primary Healthcare plan that covers a range of benefits provided at any one of our strategically located medical centres, nationwide.

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Adults monthly premium starting from

R99 / Standard

R169 / Plus

Children monthly premium starting from

R79 / Standard

R139 / Plus

Your Medical Society benefits include:


Consultations and medication

Medical consultations with a Primary Healthcare Professional for illnesses and minor injuries. The Healthcare Professional can dispense acute medication, up to schedule 4, if needed.


Child nutrition and growth monitoring

Advice on child nutrition, including breastfeeding, is offered at all facilities. The primary healthcare facilities offer a growth monitoring service, which includes checking the weight and height by age range and includes comparisons with developmental milestones against age.


Youth health services

The primary healthcare facilities are specifically dedicated to providing friendly services to the youth (up until the age of 24). Education on health promotion and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, smoking and drug and alcohol abuse.


Chronic Illness Management

All primary healthcare facilities offer chronic disease and health promotion services through daily health educational programs.

We provide an easy walk-in service

with friendly and helpful staff standing by to provide you with the best in-house service.

Conveniently located primary healthcare facilities

Highly skilled primary healthcare professionals

Can dispense up to schedule 4 medication

Quick service, clean environment

Operating with 14 strategically located facilities,

Medical Society is able to service thousands of people in need of primary healthcare.

Medical Society is able to service thousands of people in need of primary healthcare.


We provide an easy walk-in service

With our low and affordable premiums, you and your family can benefit from:

Unlimited, managed Primary Healthcare Professional consultations


Primary healthcare treatment


Up to schedule 4 acute medication dispensed


Basic eye tests


Treatment of seasonal illnesses and mild infections


Child nutrition and growth monitoring

We provide an easy walk-in service

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